Saturday, August 28, 2010

What This Blog Will Be About

Throughout my life i have always juggled addictions. From an early age i knew this was evident. My parents would always tell me about addictive personalities and how addiction has run through the family with drugs and alcohol. I was always aware of this. In this blog I will write about how addictions have affected my life. I will talk about the positive qualities (something many people don't focus on ) and then .
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  1. I like the overall plan you have for this blog! Can't wait for more posts!! Please follow me too!

  2. Interesting! Give mine a checkout, too, if you'd like. I'm doing something on internet surveys and money-making ventures (free bad financial advice! :p), but I'm planning on making it a bit more receptive to a wider audience later.

    You've got an interesting angle, I'd love to read more on this "Devil's advocate" version of things.

  3. clicked and following!